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Nu-NRG connects Canadians with the next generation renewable energy solutions.

We strive to be a complete renewable energy company that helps residential and commercial customers reduce their fossil fuel energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, turnkey alternative energy solutions.

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The smart, simple and effortless solar system

Beneath its elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system fully integrated with smart features that make smartflower up to 40% more efficient in energy production.

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Eguana Technologies

Energy storage unit for residential, commercial and industrial units

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Sunflower by Shadecraft

The world’s first robotic shade that improves life outdoors.

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Feel Electric

Elby Bikes are fun, functional and future proof ebikes.

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EVoReel Charging Station

Engineered specifically for electric vehicle charging.

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Blue Ion 2.0

Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion 2.0 offers the most reliable, long lasting energy storage systems for off-grid, back up, and self supply markets.

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Innovative & environmentally conscious; specializing in sustainable, intelligent, energy-efficient lighting globally..

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